Intellectual Property

There have been recent High Court decisions on the question of whether a party acquiring and utilising similar or identical google Ad Words to another competitor’s trademark constitutes infringement of the Intellectual Property in the trademark owned by the competitor.  Two recent examples concern Moola v Wallet Wizard and Intercity […] Read More›

The New Zealand High Court has recently confirmed that improper use of Googles AdWords service can constitute an infringement of trademarks and also misleading and deceptive conduct under the Fair Trading Act. In the case in question Naked Bus had utilised certain AdWords using the words “Intercity” and variants of […] Read More›

With the increasing use of the internet for the purposes of promoting or selling your goods and services we are seeing an increasing number of “cybersquatters” who are using similar or identical Domain Names or websites in order to advantage their own business.  In the wrong hands, a domain name […] Read More›

Deciding who owns copyright is often an essential aspect of determining intellectual property rights. The Copyright Act states that where a person (“the customer”) pays someone else (“the supplier”) to create something e.g. photographs, computer programmes, artwork, marketing materials etc and “the work is made in pursuance of that commission” […] Read More›