Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Many people will have experienced the frustration of receiving a standard form letter from a debt collection agency purporting to demand from you payment on behalf of a company they represent in respect to a debt they allege is owing by you. From time to time we have clients who […] Read More›

Disputes are often resolved by way of settlement agreements entered into between the parties. On occasion, one of the parties try’s to claim that the settlement agreement did not cover all matters or try to renegotiate the terms of the settlement agreement. The High Court has recently applied some common sense […] Read More›

Under section 14 of the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 2006 (“the WHRS Act) residential home owners making a claim are only eligible for mediation or adjudication services if their home was “built within the period of 10 years immediately before the day on which the claim is brought”. Many […] Read More›

This Supreme Court decision of Carr & Anor v Gallaway Cook Allan released this month has sent a clear message to take care from the outset when drafting an agreement to arbitrate.  Poorly drafted clauses in the agreement could invalidate it and result in a wasted arbitration. The case involved […] Read More›

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