Litigation & Dispute Resolution

It is common practice for sellers of property or their real estate agents to provide a LIM as part of the property information pack when marketing their property for sale. This is a great help to house hunters as LIMs are expensive, especially when you have to scrutinize many properties […] Read More›

The Court of Appeal has confirmed a previous High Court decision that a person selling a property who made a statement (albeit innocent) to a potential purchaser that the property did not leak upon an enquiry from a purchaser was held to have misrepresented this situation when it was subsequently […] Read More›

Registered for GST under the GST Act?  Simple question.  Simple answer?  Unfortunately not quite. A recent case that went to the Court of Appeal was dismissed and the risk as to GST registration was determined to lie with the Vendor. By way of brief background, in an Agreement for Sale […] Read More›

The title of this article is a real life situation for people. The finalisation of their separation* is some way off, but something needs to be done with/to the property in the meantime. Where the parties to the relationship both have the money and are willing to pay for their […] Read More›