Litigation & Dispute Resolution

This post assumes you know that when parties separate (permanently) they divide-up their relationship property, and that you have a rough idea of when property is or isn’t relationship property. This post is about when your separate property becomes relationship property. Something you already owned before your relationship began is […] Read More›

We are regularly consulted by clients in respect to disputes concerning the operation and/or administration of trusts. While the traditional methods of litigation between trustees and beneficiaries, or between trustees and trustees, has and continues to be available with the costs and time delays associated with court litigation this often […] Read More›

We are often consulted by both landlords and tenants where disputes have arisen between the landlord and tenant over the landlords right to refuse to renew a lease or to cancel a lease. In many cases a landlord declines to renew or seeks cancellation of a lease, because of the […] Read More›

With the challenges of COVID over the last couple of years, there are a lot of tenants in need of help to keep going. There are others who may not really need the help, but see an opportunity to get a discount on their rent. And the opposite side of […] Read More›