Registered for GST under the GST Act?  Simple question.  Simple answer?  Unfortunately not quite. A recent case that went to the Court of Appeal was dismissed and the risk as to GST registration was determined to lie with the Vendor. By way of brief background, in an Agreement for Sale […] Read More›

We are seeing increasing examples of the incorrect treatment of GST between vendor and purchaser in respect to commercial property transactions. This is particularly so where the property is a residential investment being sold and purchased between two parties who are both GST registered. Due to incorrect advice received at […] Read More›

Are you a property investor and do you regularly buy and sell properties for profit?  If the answer to this question is yes, then you should read on. Under the previous National lead government income tax was required to be paid on any gains from residential property sold within two […] Read More›

  Commercial tenants often face a decision when their lease becomes due for renewal. Do they renew or do they not renew and if they want to renew, can they negotiate better terms? Often one of the key fundamentals of renewal is what rental will be payable by the tenant […] Read More›

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