Building & Construction

You’ve got the land already, and you have a home building company that you think you’ll use. So now you’re getting down to the pointy end where you have to get your head around a draft contract, and decide whether you’re happy to sign on the dotted line and commit […] Read More›

With the ever-increasing constraints on the New Zealand building and construction industry now worsening amid a global economic crisis, we are seeing an increase in the number of disputes over projects closing down resulting in homeowners being left deep out of pocket, and out of options. For these reasons and […] Read More›

Got a building project on the go and wondering whether the contract is OK to sign-off or not? You might be the contractor, or the principal (the site owner, or a contractor engaging a subbie). A lot of contracts come in a standard form – whether by Standards NZ, Registered […] Read More›

Deposit provisions in an ADLS Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate govern how a purchaser’s initial deposit that is paid in part satisfaction of the purchase price is handled, essentially providing a form of protection for the parties in an event of avoidance or cancellation of the agreement. […] Read More›