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This is the first in a series of short articles about what you can do when you have had building work done to your home (or residential investments, or bach), and after it’s finished you start to notice issues with the work. In this article we are talking about contracts, […] Read More›

Buying a brand new home/apartment “off the plan” can seem exciting and very appealing.  It can be hard to resist the marketing and glossy advertising material promoting an idyllic lock and leave lifestyle. What could be better than buying a brand new property at a fixed purchase price and built […] Read More›

The surge in construction work in Auckland and greater New Zealand has contributed to a significant increase in the amount of case law in the building and construction law area. One issue that often arises is how far is a contractor required to go when something goes wrong. A recent […] Read More›

A new policy in respect to the assessment of unathorised building work will be introduced by Auckland Council (“the Council”) from 1 July 2015. A Certificate of Acceptance will be required for any unauthorised work. The Council has provided a detailed outline on its website which sets out how unauthorised […] Read More›

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