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Your business.  You’ve put years or even decades of yourself into it; you’ve probably lost sleep over it.  You will have made friendships that will endure beyond the day you choose to move on.  All along the way you will have been building value. You get to realise that value […] Read More›

A recent High Court case, Mitre10 (New Zealand) Limited v Thistle Dome Holdings Limited, has said that when a landlord sells a property and transfers title to a new owner, the earlier landlord cannot maintain any proceedings about their rights under the lease once title transfers. The Property Law Act […] Read More›

The issue of labelling of particular food and health supplements is a hot topic in New Zealand. Contamination and other scares continue to hit the headlines both nationally and internationally. Reading the label of products has become far more common at the time of purchase by consumers. Therefore the reliance […] Read More›

We have all experienced being asked to sign supplier contracts and terms of trade, not just in business but in many aspects of your private life as well. Often, the forms are presented to you with a “please sign here” and you are aware that there are numerous clauses in […] Read More›

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