Business survival after COVID-19

April 28, 2020

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Sadly, it would be naive to think that businesses will either fold in the next couple of months, or otherwise survive and thrive.

The factors for business are so complex, and so interconnected, that COVID-19 flow-on effects could be felt by businesses for some time – a business that is fine this year, could be reliant on demand from businesses that struggle on for a year or so before losing the good fight.

So far, so dark.  Sorry about that.  What’s our point?

Well, the risk of business failure is always a reality.  During better times, many people choose not to explore or take-up the steps that are available to protect themselves from the risks of insolvency and its effects.  Some businesses may just not see themselves as being vulnerable, or may think they are too busy to get around to looking at it, and others may not think the risk is enough to justify the cost.

In these unprecedented times, the need to consider how you bring yourself, and your business, through disaster should be absolutely real to people.

So what are we talking about?

Well, for starters, there’s a difference between your business that it is right now and the business that you do.

Your current business, and even your brand, may fail – but if the basics of your production can remain, you can get back into business a lot more easily than you would otherwise.

You also want your continuing business to be insulated from the debts or liabilities of the failed business.

There are some curly issues involved – the risk of voidable transactions or securities, general law around defeating the interests of creditors, directors’ duties – but the point is that you can take the opportunity to protect the assets that make your business run, so if the current business fails, you have the best possible opportunity to get back up and running.

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