Company/Partnership/Joint Ventures

We have recently been required to straighten out issues that arose due to misunderstandings by the purchaser and land agent in respect to requirements under the Overseas Investment Act for purchasers of residential property. It is a timely reminder for those looking to buy a residential property in New Zealand […] Read More›

Commercial transactions these days inevitably require execution of some form of documentation. As the bulk of business is undertaken between companies the correct execution of documents by a company is a relevant issue. Most people would assume that a director signing on behalf of a company binds that company to […] Read More›

The Companies Office now requires New Zealand incorporated companies to disclose their Ultimate Holding Company (UHC) when filing their Annual Returns. The Companies Act 1993 provides the interpretation of a UHC as a body corporate that is a holding company of the company, and itself not a subsidiary of any […] Read More›

  As a result of changes introduced by the Companies Amendment Act 2014 (which gives the Registrar of Companies extra powers) additional information will be required from 1 May 2015 when incorporating a New Zealand company and from 1 July 2015 when filing annual returns. The main changes to New […] Read More›