Not everybody may be aware that the 90 day trial period provision in the Employment Relations Act is based on calendar days, and not working days or days on which their business is open.  What this means is that the 90 days continues to countdown over weekends, public holidays, and […] Read More›

In many instances workers find themselves out of pocket in respect to wages when a company fails and goes into liquidation. While general law in terms of personal liability for directors for reckless trading and trading while insolvent remain in place these are difficult thresholds to establish. The Employment Relations […] Read More›

Many employers are not yet aware that the 2016 Employment Relations Amendment Act now provide that clauses in employment contracts that prevent employees from being involved in secondary employment are only valid where the employer can show a genuine reason based on reasonable grounds to prevent employees taking up secondary […] Read More›

One of your employees comes into your office late on Friday afternoon and plonks themselves down in a chair on the other side of your desk.  They look pretty fragile, and you get the sense you’re in for some bad news. They tell you that Johnny from accounting has been […] Read More›

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