The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on employment, and payment of wages and salaries has serious implications for home owners and their ability to maintain their obligations in terms of their mortgages. All major trading banks are providing relief in this respect.  There are a number of options including: Deferral […] Read More›

Most property settlements are still able to proceed in circumstances where physical possession or movement of people is not required, such as where the settlement involves vacant land, a tenanted property or where the vendor has already vacated the property and the purchaser does not need to move in straight […] Read More›

Despite all the stories about people being told they’re on leave, or that companies are just moving immediately to lay-offs, or even business taking a “no work, no pay” approach to the lockdown – the fact is that New Zealand’s employment laws are still in full force. There are going […] Read More›

We have received numerous requests from clients, both Landlord and Tenant for advice on dealing with issues arising under commercial leases in respect to payments of rent and opex during the Covid-19 lockdown. We have provided a general summary of the situation below. Please understand that there is no one […] Read More›