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October 8, 2013

in Litigation & Dispute Resolution

iStock_000018766927SmallThere has been call for changes to the way in which Coroner’s recommendations are implemented.  It is felt that while many Coroners make important recommendations which contribute to improvements in health and safety outcomes, many of these recommendations are not being implemented or followed up.  A study by the University of Otago has commented that in order to identify and reduce preventable deaths there needs to be a change to ensure that where recommendations are made by Coroners about health and safety, that these recommendations are followed up and implemented.

Another factor to consider is whether people are being adequately represented at Coronial Inquests.  It is important for families and friends to get answers to the questions surrounding tragic or untimely death of loved ones.  Without adequate legal representation at these inquests often the relevant questions for the family may not be asked.  Alternatively, previous similar cases may not be brought to the attention of the Coroner in order to assist in their recommendations.

The University’s study shows that there are approximately 29,000 deaths in New Zealand each year, of which about 20% are reported to Coroners. Most years there are around 1,300 inquests resulting in approximately 200 Coroners’ recommendations and therefore it is crucial that you and your family are represented throughout this process to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed.  We can assist you with this process and represent you throughout the inquest hearing.

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