Personal Liability for Body Corporate Committee Members

January 30, 2014

in Property

Property: Unit Titles Act 2010A recent decision of the High Court has given a strong indication of potential personal liability for Body Corporate Committee members when acting in respect to their obligations to the Body Corporate under the Unit Titles Act.

This would mean that the Committee members could not hide behind the Body Corporate in respect to such liability.

The Court has made it clear that Committee members themselves have personal obligations to act in accordance with the relevant statutory powers and rules.  Breaches by any Committee member of those rules may result in personal liability.

Essentially, the Body Corporate would have a right of action against the Committee member for ultra vires acts which result in liability to the Body Corporate and secondly individual members of the Body Corporate themselves may look to bring actions against individual Committee members.

While this was not a final decision of the Court the observations are very important and should be a warning to Committee members.  Committee members must act in accordance with the Body Corporate rules and can expect potentially to have personal liability for any wrongful acts or omissions.

This is also an important reminder to Body Corporate Committee members to ensure that they have adequate officer’s liability cover for personal liability and this should be put in place by the Body Corporate.

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