Christmas holidays and trial periods

November 13, 2017

in Employment

Not everybody may be aware that the 90 day trial period provision in the Employment Relations Act is based on calendar days, and not working days or days on which their business is open.  What this means is that the 90 days continues to countdown over weekends, public holidays, and days an employee is not working.

Many businesses have an extended shut down over Christmas, closing their doors a day or two before Christmas Day and not opening until a week or two into the New Year.  That can be a significant portion of time for a business and represents a significant portion of the 90 day trial period (which is roughly three months).

Accordingly if you employ someone on a 90 day trial period before Christmas the period could expire or significantly count down while your business is closed, without you having had the full opportunity to consider your new recruit.

Staff recruitment and the salaries that go along with them can be a big commitment for small and medium sized businesses in New Zealand so employers might consider whether they can make do without a new employee until the New Year and commence employment, including the 90 day trial period, when their businesses re-open in January (or February for the lucky ones).

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