Be careful what you say when selling a property!

February 3, 2020

in Litigation & Dispute Resolution,Property

The Court of Appeal has confirmed a previous High Court decision that a person selling a property who made a statement (albeit innocent) to a potential purchaser that the property did not leak upon an enquiry from a purchaser was held to have misrepresented this situation when it was subsequently discovered (nearly two years later) that the property did leak and had been leaking for sometime.

The Court was not moved by the fact that the Vendor did not believe at the time of the representation that the property was leaking. The fact that the Vendor made an unqualified assertion that the property did not leak on the purchaser’s enquiry was sufficient for the Court of Appeal to find that the Vendor was liable for the costs of remediation. It was clear from evidence that the purchaser was relying on the statement made by the Vendor when assessing its decision to purchase.

The decision confirms the already understood position that you must be careful what you say to any person looking to buy a property and if you are in any doubt or you do not definitively know the answer you should either refuse to answer or ensure that your answer is qualified to such an extent the purchaser knows it must make further enquiries.

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