Employment issues with the COVID-19/Coronavirus lockdown?

April 3, 2020

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Despite all the stories about people being told they’re on leave, or that companies are just moving immediately to lay-offs, or even business taking a “no work, no pay” approach to the lockdown – the fact is that New Zealand’s employment laws are still in full force.

There are going to be some hard cases, and sometimes people are just going to have to test the situation and wait until after the fact to find out what the Employment Relations Authority or the Employment Court thinks of how they acted.

For the moment just remember that employment law still applies, actions that are adverse to employees still require proper process, and that requires some careful thought but can still be made to happen in these strange and challenging times.

We will shortly be publishing more of these articles, with commentary on specific aspects of employment law that are arising for employers and employees. In the meantime if you would like to talk-through any employment related questions please feel free to make a call or send us an email or alternatively contact:

Wallace Revell
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