Sellers of unit title properties are now required to provide mandatory pre-contract and pre-settlement disclosure to prospective buyers. This marks a shift away from the principle of “caveat emptor” or “buyer beware” which has traditionally governed the buying and selling of real estate in New Zealand. Pursuant to the new Unit […] Read More›

A recent decision of the High Court has found that a Tenant’s objection to a Rent Review Notice from the Landlord increasing the Tenant’s rent did not correctly invoke the disputes procedure under the provisions of the ADLS form of Deed of Lease. The notice from the Tenant objecting to […] Read More›

Deciding who owns copyright is often an essential aspect of determining intellectual property rights. The Copyright Act states that where a person (“the customer”) pays someone else (“the supplier”) to create something e.g. photographs, computer programmes, artwork, marketing materials etc and “the work is made in pursuance of that commission” […] Read More›

The Employment Relations Authority (ERA) have recently confirmed than an employer is entitled to be concerned about comments made by an employee in respect to fellow employees of an inappropriate nature on Facebook even though the comments posted on Facebook were outside working hours. The ERA took the view that […] Read More›