In our current economic environment, employers may find themselves faced with the challenging task of making an employee redundant. Redundancy, although a difficult decision, is sometimes necessary to ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of a business. However, it is crucial for employers to navigate the legal process with utmost […] Read More›

You’ve got the land already, and you have a home building company that you think you’ll use. So now you’re getting down to the pointy end where you have to get your head around a draft contract, and decide whether you’re happy to sign on the dotted line and commit […] Read More›

This post assumes you know that when parties separate (permanently) they divide-up their relationship property, and that you have a rough idea of when property is or isn’t relationship property. This post is about when your separate property becomes relationship property. Something you already owned before your relationship began is […] Read More›

Sellers of unit title properties are now required to provide mandatory pre-contract and pre-settlement disclosure to prospective buyers. This marks a shift away from the principle of “caveat emptor” or “buyer beware” which has traditionally governed the buying and selling of real estate in New Zealand. Pursuant to the new Unit […] Read More›