Many people will have experienced the frustration of receiving a standard form letter from a debt collection agency purporting to demand from you payment on behalf of a company they represent in respect to a debt they allege is owing by you. From time to time we have clients who […] Read More›

A feature of NZ’s relationship property law is the policy that the fruits of a shared life should be shared equally. One of the consequences of this is that each partner’s income from work during the relationship is relationship property.  If you both work in paid employment, both incomes are […] Read More›

From 1 July 2016 changes to the Residential Tenancies Act have some significant impact for residential property and particularly residential investment property. Smoke alarms are now a mandatory requirement for all residential tenancies.  There are various obligations in terms of the type and positioning of a smoke alarm on a […] Read More›

We act for a number of body corporates and owners of units in body corporate complexes. It is very common for us to be consulted on the question of whether sufficient time has been given in respect to a notice calling for a meeting whether it be an extraordinary meeting […] Read More›