Kiwisaver is protected from claims by an Official Assignee under bankruptcy

May 27, 2015

in Insolvency

iStock_000017070264SmallThe Court of Appeal has recently confirmed that the provisions of the Kiwisaver Act that restrict access to or early withdrawal (except in exceptional circumstances) also apply in respect to any claim by an Official Assignee where the Kiwisaver member is in bankruptcy.

The Official Assignee in the case in question had attempted to obtain the bankrupts Kiwisaver fund for the purpose of distribution to creditors.  The Court of Appeal decided that the provisions of the Kiwisaver legislation were clear and only in the case of an express exception to that protection could the Kiwisaver funds be available.  Such an exception does not exist for bankruptcy.

The Court found the objective of the Kiwisaver legislation is to encourage a long term savings habit to increase the wellbeing and financial independence of individuals in retirement.  There is nothing in the legislation that suggests its purpose is to accumulate funds for the benefit of creditors in the event of a members bankruptcy.

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