We haven’t sorted-out the separation*, and we can’t sell the house before it’s painted

July 8, 2019

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The title of this article is a real life situation for people. The finalisation of their separation* is some way off, but something needs to be done with/to the property in the meantime.

Where the parties to the relationship both have the money and are willing to pay for their share of the work, there’s generally very little problem.

The problems come up when one or more of the parties don’t have the money. There’s an extra layer of difficulty when the cash that eventually comes from selling the house may not be shared equally. And you wont know what your share is until the separation* is finalised – which could be who knows when.

Fortunately, as lawyers experienced with these issues we know the steps that can be taken – some with agreement, some without it – to take care of things like getting the house painted even if making the separation* final is months (or more) away.

So if you think the practicalities of your separation* might be tricky, don’t stress too hard – just give us a call.

(*Where we say ‘separation’ above, we’re talking about the resolution of property matters between parties to a relationship – ‘separation’ was just a simpler way to say that.)

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