Covid-19 – Farry Law Alert Level 4

August 18, 2021

in COVID-19

With New Zealand now under Alert Level 4 Farry Law is committed to providing a continuation of services to our clients using various systems that allow us to work remotely.

While we will aim to continue to provide our full range of services, it is inevitable during this time that there will be some disruption to workflow and timetables.

Where there are mandated settlement dates we will continue to attempt to achieve those but we ask our clients to understand that we are dependent on a number of external factors including other parties, such as banks, government departments and other lawyers.

We continue to advise on additional contractual provisions for contracts as they come in to try and minimise the downside for clients particularly in terms of contracts which are sale and purchases or back to back transactions. We will discuss this with clients on a case by case basis.

Most of our clients will be familiar with our mantra that you should contact us before signing any documents. At this time, it is very important that you maintain that principle and if in any doubt contact us before signing any document. If we recommend additional provisions to protect you, we can incorporate those if the document has not already been signed.

We have also implemented systems/procedures for execution of documentation remotely in conjunction with government departments and banks. This will include Docusign and/or a combination of physical documents being emailed to clients together with audio/visual link up for execution where required. We will provide clear and precise instructions for clients on a case by case basis on each occasion.

Certainly, it is important that clients understand that they must allow reasonable time frames for any transaction they wish to undertake and that where last minute or urgent matters occur that there is a high probability that proposed and/or stated dates may not be able to be met.

The Law Society had previously issued a non-mandatory direction to lawyers to try and cooperate in this regard and to show some degree of reasonableness. On a case by case basis the question of whether any default and penalty charges may be payable or additional legal costs will need to be addressed.

Regrettably, given the situation that exists and the macro environment with the circumstances largely beyond our control we must emphasise that while we will take reasonable steps to meet our client’s needs and turnaround times, if these time frames are not able to be met, we ask you to be understanding and accept that we are not able to underwrite any implications that flow from that.

If you have any other questions around business continuity during this period, please get in touch with your normal contact at our firm or alternatively contact us on our main office numbers which will be monitored:

Auckland: 09 379 0055
Dunedin: 03 477 8870

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