Employment Law UnEvolved in Face of COVID Developments

August 26, 2021

in COVID-19,Employment

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures right?


So long as you’re not talking about employment and employment law.

Last time we all found ourselves locked-down in alert level 4, Farry Law explained that employment law was unchanged by COVID-19, and by the Government’s wage subsidy.

A heartbeat or two after announcing its subsidy scheme, the Government was careful to remind everyone of the same thing.

And it remains true now.

So if you are an employer you still have to behave as a reasonable employer.

Any actions you need to take that would be against the interests of an employee, you still have to have a substantive justification and follow due process.

Of course in these difficult times you may not only need to take action, but do it urgently. Now more than ever it is important to step carefully to make sure that acting with urgency doesn’t push you to miss something and fall foul of what the law requires.

Don’t get disheartened. You can still take action, for whatever reason, and you can do it with urgency, but the law remains the same and so you will need to proceed with real care.

And Farry Law is here to help you with that.

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