Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures right? Sure. So long as you’re not talking about employment and employment law. Last time we all found ourselves locked-down in alert level 4, Farry Law explained that employment law was unchanged by COVID-19, and by the Government’s wage subsidy. A heartbeat or two […] Read More›

With New Zealand now under Alert Level 4 Farry Law is committed to providing a continuation of services to our clients using various systems that allow us to work remotely. While we will aim to continue to provide our full range of services, it is inevitable during this time that […] Read More›

Deposit provisions in an ADLS Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate govern how a purchaser’s initial deposit that is paid in part satisfaction of the purchase price is handled, essentially providing a form of protection for the parties in an event of avoidance or cancellation of the agreement. […] Read More›

3 days you’ve been coming into the office and getting on with running your business. 3 days your employee has been off work. 3 days you’ve been waiting for them to get in touch and let you know what’s happening. 3 days they’ve not got in touch to let you […] Read More›