You’ve got the land already, and you have a home building company that you think you’ll use. So now you’re getting down to the pointy end where you have to get your head around a draft contract, and decide whether you’re happy to sign on the dotted line and commit […] Read More›

We have recently been required to straighten out issues that arose due to misunderstandings by the purchaser and land agent in respect to requirements under the Overseas Investment Act for purchasers of residential property. It is a timely reminder for those looking to buy a residential property in New Zealand […] Read More›

Recently, I was walking around shopping as usual in the weekend, when something caught my eye. It was a Privacy Policy stuck on the wall which referred to the Privacy Act 1993. Generally, while browsing websites, I can also see outdated Privacy Policies uploaded – it happens quite often! Most […] Read More›

This post assumes you know that when parties separate (permanently) they divide-up their relationship property, and that you have a rough idea of when property is or isn’t relationship property. This post is about when your separate property becomes relationship property. Something you already owned before your relationship began is […] Read More›